Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ebay Sales Update, How much I'm Making Right Now

It's been a long, long time since I've written here. There's a really good reason for that. I have been so busy working on growing my Ebay business. Things are going really well. My sales growth, though it has been slow, it's been very steady. I'm slowing inching my way towards my goals. Everything I do in life and every goal I ever make, I have to really struggle to get there. Things never come easily for me. I wouldn't call Ebay selling a struggle. It isn't hard necessarily, but it is a lot of work. My progress hasn't been as quick as I feel it should be, based on the amount of work I do.

I plan to make every attempt to start writing again here and sharing my reselling and lifes journey. I keep thinking about doing YouTube videos because that is what resellers like. I myself don't have time to read right now. I like to listen to YouTubers while I'm listing. So I feel like that is what I should do. But I feel awkward talking to a camera. I hate cameras. I know I would get used to it and get the hang of it, but the idea of starting scares me. And I am so bad at technology. I can blog and figure out blog related issues, but editing videos...I don't know if I can do that. Maybe my daughter can help.

So anyway, my sales have been pretty good lately. I had a slow period where I was really beginning to worry and get frustrated. I called Ebay and spoke to an awesome rep names Pierce and he was extremely helpful. Most of the time when I call about this issue, I get the runaround. They tell me all this stuff to do, things I am already doing obviously. But he gave me great info and advice. I was really grateful for that and he didn't rush me off the phone. Most of the Ebay reps are really wonderful. I've only had maybe 2 or 3 instances where I was left very unsatisfied with the conversation.

I've been going to the Goodwill outlet about 6 hours away approximately every 1.5 to 2 months and coming home with 300-600 pounds. I don't get to go nearly often enough. But I also don't list fast enough. I get on average, 10 new listings and 10-20 sell similars per day. I want to get 20-30 new listings but I get so distracted. Like right now; I should be listing. I distracted with family, kids, cooking, household, YouTube, etc. I need to stop that.

My beautiful daughter's first bins trip.
She found some good stuff! She was a big help.

Des Moines Goodwill Outlet "the bins"

My handsome, helpful hubby.
He really helps me a lot on top of his full time job.

My monthly sales the past few months are approximately $3000 give or take a couple hundred. That's not all profit of course. My fees, shipping and cost of goods come to roughly 45-50%. I was hoping to hit $5000 by the end of the year. My progress is slow but I'm getting there.

60 day total

I would love for Chris to be able to quit his job and join me in running this business. Together we could accomplish so much and we could start selling on other platforms. I just don't have the time myself. No matter what, I'm going to have to hire someone in order to grow faster. Chris can't quit right now. Losing his income would be a big loss. That couldn't happen until I'm making enough on a consistent basis to cover all our bills. Health insurance is what will kill us. Right now, his employer pays and it is really good insurance (especially dental). But one day, if he wanted to, it could happen. I don't know if he would like doing what I do every single day, all day long though. LOL. I do it because I genuinely love it. Even the parts I don't feel like doing, I still enjoy.

I'm really happy with what I'm doing with my life. I don't care about the people who don't understand or say I don't work - they come across as incredibly jealous. Jealous that I'm able to be home with my family and make a better income than I did working at my last full time job. I am absolutely thrilled with my life, my business and the fact my kids can be proud of what I'm doing. They've watch me work so hard doing something I love.

I'm going to try to write short posts several times a week. I'll talk about things like Ebay glitches, buyer issues, mixing up 2 labels and sending the wrong items to people and how to handle that (oops, I've done it). I'll write about things an Ebay seller deals with on a regular basis.

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Ebay Sales Update, How much I'm Making Right Now

It's been a long, long time since I've written here. There's a really good reason for that. I have been so busy working on growi...