Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ebay Business Growth, 6/5/17 Sales and Upcoming Goodwill Outlet Trip

I had amazing sales this weekend. I am so happy with the way my sales are going right now. I am feeling very encouraged and I want to encourage you. I have been working so hard and it seems to be paying off, thank the Lord. I am slowly getting where I want to be. I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there. I had 8 packages to drop off on Tuesday morning. I sold 8 items on a Monday. That never happens. Mondays are usually pretty slow. I never used to sell that many items in one day on a week day. This is progress for me.

I'm finally over $2,000 in a 31 day period.

My sales for 31 days is over $2,000! My goal is $3,000 a month by the end of the summer. That will be tough because summer sales are usually slower for me. But I'm going to work my ass off. I am aiming for $5,000 a month by the end of the year. It's do-able but I don't have as much time as I need. I have so many other things to do and take care of. But I am going to shoot for that really hard.

This is a comparison of my sales the first 6 days of May compared to the first 6 days of June. I've made $250 more than I did at the same time last month. My work is paying off!

Not every Ebay seller is making in the tens of thousands of dollars, like we see on YouTube and other sellers blogs and websites and I want people to know the other side of Ebay selling. The seller who is slowly climbing up the sales ladder trying to grow into a "tens of thousands of dollars seller." It is possible but it takes a lot of really hard work and having the right stuff to sell. I have been selling for a few years and it's taken me that long to get to this point. I was making a part time income selling and I was okay with that for a couple years. But I'm to the point where I really want to be making more. 

I literally spend every bit of my free time working. That is the truth about Ebay selling. It can be very long hours, if you're thinking of it like a business. I work from the time I get up until I go to bed. That is real. If you don't enjoy working on Ebay, it will be tough to make a lot of money doing it. It is very time consuming. Maybe some sellers don't have to put in those kind of hours, but I would say the average seller trying to grow their business will be spending an extreme amount of time working. I do stop and drive my kids here and there, I make lunch and supper, I do all the things I have to do as a mom, but then it's back to work. If I was making an hourly wage, it would be pathetic. But one day, I will reap the benefits of all this work. I am starting to see those benefits already.

You have to list pretty much every day. You can miss a day here or there, but if you don't list for 2 or 3 days, most likely, you will notice a drop in sales. I definitely notice. It will take some time of listing consistently every day to start seeing sales growth. It might take 2-3 weeks, maybe even a month to really see consistent sales growth.

I was whining a couple weeks ago about how hard I was working and I wasn't seeing any more sales than usual. Of course, it was the last week of the month and my sales always drop towards the end of any month, but now I am seeing significant sales increase. More than average for me. I have to keep this in mind. I am only listing an average of 10 items a day. I can't seem to make time to get more listed. I am terrible at time management. My goal is to get up to 20 minimum and up to about 35 listings per day. But it's really difficult for me.

Just remember, you can see huge sales growth is you are listing every day, listing more than you normally list, and have products people want. Even if you can only list 5 items a day, then do it. It will still help more than only listing 20 items once a week. You also need to be able to buy your products cheap and make a profit. 

Chris and I are planning another Goodwill Outlet trip soon. I am so excited! We're making it a weekend trip, like our first one. We'll go several times. I am hoping to come home with at least 300 pounds, like last time, hopefully even more than that. I can't go to an outlet every weekend because the closest one is 2.5 hours away. So I have to get as much stuff as I can when I get the chance to go. I pray that they have a lot of good stuff - stuff that I sell.  I'm really excited and I will try to take more photos and document this trip. But I feel like a crazy stalker walking around taking pictures. I'm also focused on getting stuff and not having someone swipe what I am trying to look at! lol.

God has truly blessed me. I feel like He led me to Ebay. I am able to stay home with my kids, and make money at home. That is all I ever wanted. I wish I would've found it a long time ago. I love what I do; that is why I am able to work 12-14 hours a day doing it. This isn't for everyone, though. It won't interest everyone.

If you are hard at work, trying to grow your Ebay business, just keep listing. List every day. You will see an increase. Whether you're making $500 a month or 10,000 a month, just keep at it. Just keep at it. You will reach your goal! I'm sure you hear that all the time, but it's true. I better get to listing now myself. Talk soon.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Sales Update and Reseller Drama (Updated)

I ended June with my best sales so far. It wasn't quite the $2000 mark that I was hoping for. I know, I know, that isn't that much. My sales are growing quite a fast as I'd like. But I'm hoping for an even better month of sales. That would be an accomplishment because summers are usually my slowest time.

Not great but not horrible. Of course this isn't all profit. I have shipping costs and supplies and inventory also.

I have 2 stores I've been working on. Well, 1 store and 1 new account. I am moving all my hard goods to my newer account. I want my main store to be focused on clothes and accessories. I don't know if that will help my sales or not, but I want to clean up the look of my store. I want it to look like an online boutique and not just a thrift store.

On a different note, I have mentioned thinking about making videos and posting them on YouTube. Mainly Ebay and thrifting/haul videos. That is the thing resellers are doing now. Blogging is not so popular, YouTube and Vlogging is what's in. I have been hesitant because I know how cruel people can be. I'm hesitant for other reasons, too, but that's a big one. 

Apparently there is a lot of drama in the reseller world. I got a taste of it in a Facebook group, but I thought that was just that particular group. It had around 25,000 people in it so there was bound to be drama, but the drama seemed to center around the admins. They were a bunch of mean girls. I didn't like them at all. They had a serious case of power-trip-itis.

But anyways, I try to keep negativity out of my life. I don't "hate watch" people or stalk my enemies Instagram or Facebook accounts. I don't have "file" with screen shots and photos I stole from their accounts like someone I has on me. I don't care. I don't care what people are doing or saying or thinking. I don't leave negative comments on peoples posts or try to start drama. But not everyone shares those sentiments. 

I don't want to be a venue for people to show there true colors of cruelty and negativity. I have always been one of those females that other females love to hate. I don't know why. I do have a case of resting bitch face. I am not a smiley person. I mind my own business and I keep to myself. I am an introvert. I am not very approachable, I guess. That is a self protection tactic I taught myself a long time ago. People tend to take me the wrong way. My whole life. But I am a nice person and I will be nice and friendly if I am approached right.

So, because of that, I am convinced that people won't like me or will "hate watch" my videos. I don't like drama in my life so I don't want people starting drama. I would still like to do videos at some point, but I don't know how that will turn out. I will just have make the decision to do it for myself and not for anyone else. If people like it, great. If not, fine. But I know there are trolls everywhere.

Where did this all come from? Well, 2 of the women I watch on a regular basis, Nicole State and Lindey Glenn are having some drama of their own right now. If you are in the reseller world and follow resellers on YouTube, you probably know what I'm talking about and you've probably already chosen a side. Lindey's son was diagnosed with non-verbal autism. I don't know much about autism at all. I have no experience with it. But as a mother, I could sense her stress and fear and sadness for her child. It was obvious from the video she made. She has a gofundme to help cover his treatment or therapy. I wouldn't necessarily ask my followers (if I had any) for money. But in dire times, who knows. You use the avenue you have. I can't hate on her for that. It's her channel, she can do what she wants.

*Update. Some of the videos have been taken down due to harassment and bullying, so links might not work. Bullying and being mean, name calling and making threats to anyone is NOT okay. I really feel like everyone is going overboard and kindness goes a LONG way. Stop and ask yourself how you would feel if you were in a similar situation.*

Well, Nicole and her husband made a rebuttle video. I didn't even finish it. I only watched aobut half of it and had to shut if off. They felt Lindey's state of stress made her appear to be putting autism in a negative light. And they took issue with her asking for money, from the half of video I watched. (Nicole has asked her followers to help with things herself but I won't get into that.) I watched their video a couple hours after Lindey's video. I didn't agree with their interpretation of Lindey's video. I even told my husband that all I saw was a mom who is worried about her child. I can't blame her. She wasn't being negative, she is just a stressed mom. It's understandable. 

I didn't like the approach the States took at all. I couldn't believe that when Nicole's son was diagnosed she was all upbeat and positive. I have been watching her videos for a long time and I had even recently went back to video one and watched them in order. I enjoy her videos. She seems like she would have been upset at first, then after it settles, would have a positive outlook.

I'm not picking sides or getting in the middle. I think they could have been more compassionate and even reached out to Lindey and offered her some encouragement and uplifting words. I will still watch both women. I started watching Nicole a long time ago. I just recently started watching Lindey and more because she lives 20 minutes away from me and I am interested in what she finds and sells around here. She sells a lot of different stuff than I do and she thinks outside the box. I like that.

What Nicole State actually did was help Lindey's channel. I have to say it. I could have sworn a week ago Lindey had 3 or 4k followers. I could be wrong on that but I swear it wasn't much. Yesterday she had 13k. I know that for sure. Today she has 16k. Nicole hurt herself and did Lindey a favor. I'm sure it hurt Lindey's feelings but on a positive note, she has got a lot of attention out of it. (I don't know if she sees it as postive, she has gotten a lot of hate from Nicole's fans.) I'm not saying that to be mean. It's true. And good for Lindey. 

I think Nicole knows she messed up. Whatever her intentions were, it didn't work out well for her. I appreciate her apology video. I was debating whether I wanted to support her channel anymore. Her video rubbed me the wrong way. But she apologized. I don't know if was sincere or if it was damage control. But I'm a very forgiving person and I can forgive and move on. That's what other people should do but most people aren't so forgiving. Who knows, maybe one day they will make peace and become friends.

This is the kind of drama I am always afraid of. Women can be so mean. Men too, but especially women. They are so mean and judgmental towards each other. I'm sure I would never be anywhere near as popular as these women. Reseller YouTubers are a dime a dozen these days. And I am not active in the community. I don't comment, I don't "fan-out" and give words of praise to other resellers. I just watch. That's it. In order to become popular, you have to put out content people want to see and I'm not sure anyone would want to see me. You also have to interact with other people on other platforms. I don't do that. Like I said, I keep to myself and mind my own business, for the most part. I don't want drama. I can get worked up pretty easily so I try to avoid that. My life is much happier and drama free and that is how I like it.

I've shared Lindey's video on my social media accounts in the hopes that someone will see it and have some ideas or encouragement for her. I encourage others to do the same.

My daughter wants me to make videos and I'm sure she wants to be in them. So does one of my sons. So I might reconsider. I don't know if I have anything to offer the world of reselling that hasn't already been offered, but who knows. Maybe I can help someone in some way. I can give my perspective and show how I do things. Maybe someone will be open to me. If not, oh well. I tried. 

I hope I can offer something. Ebay is basically all I do with my time. I might not be making much right now, but that is my fault. I wasn't sourcing like I should have, I wasn't listing every day like I should have. I was thinking of it like a part time job. But I am now thinking of it as full time and my sales will grow. If you are a seller who is trying to grow your business, follow me. We can grow together. Leave comments and tell me what you are doing and how things are going with your business.

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