Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Ebay Sales Update

My sales over Memorial Day weekend weren't exactly as good as I was hoping for, though it was about what I expected. I wasn't expecting through the roof sales for 2 reasons: 1. It's a holiday weekend and in most areas, it was pretty nice out. People were out at the lake and having fun. 2. it was the end of the month and my sales always, always suck towards the end of the month. My sales definitely have a trend and I will write about that trend one of these days.

I did however manage to make all my ebay fees within a week, most of that was made over the 3 day weekend. Thank goodness. I was worried part of my fees would come out of my checking account and I hate when that happens.

I only had 20 packages to take to the post office. That isn't good for 3 days. I usually have about 20 packages on a 2 day weekend. I know 20 isn't that much in comparison to other sellers, but that is how my sales average. I was averaging about 10-14 packages a weekend, so I am growing, very slowly. Last weekend I had 24 packages. It was a good weekend for me.

So the reason I'm disappointed in my sales is because I've been listing like a mad woman. For over 2 weeks especially. I've been listing like crazy for a month, but especially the last 2 weeks. My sales should be sky rocketing, right? You would think. I even ran sales all weekend, most of my store was 35% off. But I'm still hoping things will catch up and I will start seeing even better sales. 

Oh yeah! I forgot. I have 4 items that haven't been paid for. I had some auctions end and 4 of them haven't paid. So had they paid, I would have had 24 packages. So what am I complaining about? My sales for a lot of these items were really low. I had a few high priced items that sold, but most were just a few bucks plus shipping.

I really hope the next couple of weeks will bring way more sales. I haven't quite hit my goal this month. I had a goal to make 2,000 this month, which would be about double or more my average monthly sales. I am about 270 under that goal. I have 1 day left, so who knows.

This photo is from April 30th. I am just counting from May 1 - May 31. I'll report back on this after May 31. I know, it's not great, but it is my best month by far. I'm slowly getting to where I want to be. I will get there soon enough.

I hope and pray that June will be better. Summers are tough for me, but I'm working harder than ever. Maybe I will hit my goal.

Some of my sales:

Old Navy Embroidered Boho Top Size XL - $10.35 + 3.75 shipping
Womens Mizuno Softball pants - $17.60 +4.50 shipping
Pink Republic Top - 12.40 - Free shipping
Forever 21 Dress - 6.50 + 3.75 shipping (I took a best offer, I made almost nothing on this dress but it's been listed a while so I took it)
Lucky Brand Skinny Jeans - $16.22 + 6.30 shipping 
Big Star Capri Jeans - 19.99 + 6.30 shipping

Those are just a few of my sales, some of my better ones. I had a 5-35% sale all weekend and I took several best offers. I also had some auctions that were mainly just to get rid of stuff that were only for a couple bucks. I'm waiting to get paid on a few items, but you know how that goes. Maybe I'll get paid, maybe I won't. 

I would post photos but I keep hearing horror stories about trolls harassing Ebayers. I'm just trying to make a living and support my family. I have 4 kids to help support. I am not trying to give trade secrets away, I just enjoy writing and blogging and I love Ebay. I think my hubby is getting tired of hearing about Ebay all day and all night, so I have been wanting to blog about it for a while. I've considered vlogging about it, also, but I haven't come to a decision on that one. I don't really talk to myself and I'm afraid I would be so awkward, feeling like I'm talking to myself, pretending anyone gives a crap what I have to say about anything. I do appreciate anyone who stops by and reads my blog! Thank you!! Please come back!!

How were your holiday weekend sales? Good I hope!

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